*laughs* you can pull it out, it looks done. *gets a couple of gram crackers and chocolate ready for you* 


-pulls it out of the fire and looks over at you- 

maccamcbeardy said "*grins* I used to camp a lot as a kid. My parents would take us. *takes a bite of my smore*"

Mind helping me out here? -laughs- 

maccamcbeardy said "*slowly rotates my marshmallow till its a golden brown and then pulls it out of the fire, squishing it between gram crackers and chocolate*"

-looks over at you,carefully rotating my marshmallow-  You’re pretty good at this. -chuckles-

maccamcbeardy said "*giggles and grabs my stick* let me show you how the pro's do it. *winks and holds my marshmallow just over the flame*"

-rolls my eyes and chuckles,trying to copy what you’re doing- 

maccamcbeardy said "*chuckles* did you burn your marshmallow? *hands you a stick with a marshmallow on the end of it*"

Maybe. -bites my lip and smiles-

maccamcbeardy said "*nods* of course. *gets on my knees and reaches for a bag, pulling it over to us* have you ever made smores before? *starts pulling things out*"

Yeah. Once. -chuckles- 

maccamcbeardy said "*turns my attention back to you, admiring you in the light of the fire*"

Can we make some s’mores now?  -looks down at you-

maccamcbeardy said "It's pretty, huh? *continues to look up*"

-nods- It is. 

maccamcbeardy said "*looks at you and smiles and then looks up at the fireflies above us*"

-licks my lips and looks up at the sky- 

maccamcbeardy said "*chuckles, leaning into you* i know. I came prepared."

-kisses the top of your head,wrapping an arm around you-